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The SCAN Solar Panel Bulk Buy Offer below is available until 31 July 2014.
This page is a summary, more details are on the links in the black bar above.

If you know about the offer through a radio interview, newspaper article or presentation and you only want a quote to install solar panels on your roof then just complete the information on the Expressions of Interest (EOI) page and press SEND.

Discounted Base Price for a standard installation in Metropolitan Melbourne

System Size 2kW (8 panels) 3kW (12 panels) 5kW (20 panels)
Your Quarterly Power Bill $150 – $200 $200 – $350 $350 – $600+
Estimated Savings/Year (1) $482 – $761 $723 – $1142 $1205 – $1903
Price $4,657 $6,567 $9,847
STC Discount (2) - $1,080 - $1,590 - $2,670
Bulk-Buy Discount (3) - $582 - $720 - $700
Discounted Base Price (4) $2,995 $4,257 $6,477

(1) Savings are based on 50% feed in to 100% consumption at 27c av. electricity price with an 8c Feed-in-tariff.
(2) STC (Small-scale Technology Certificates) value under the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Target
(3) Volume discount valid for total volume of customers that signup within the specified offer timeframe.
(4) Discounted Base Price for a standard installation in Metropolitan Melbourne.

These additional costs will be incurred for non-Standard Installations

  • Double story: $280 flat rate; High rising quote on request
  • Tile roof: Extra $70 per kW
  • Flat roof: Extra $300 per kW (depending on channel framing required)
  • Landscape orientation: Extra $130 per kW
  • 3 phase installations (Fronius Symo Series):
    extra $750 on 3kW, $900 on 4kW and $800 on 5kW offer.
  • Switchboard Breaker upgrade: $120
  • Basic Switchboard upgrade: $500
  • Full Switchboard upgrade: $900
  • Meter change cost not provided

1 – SCAN’s Bulk-Buy is a copy of the Darebin Council’s bulk-buy offer.

We are copying the Darebin Council bulk-buy. Being a council Darebin must comply with the laws governing the spending of ratepayers’ money. Darebin had a $900K budget for the project. They conducted extensive community consultation to determine the best way to spend this money. When it was decided what they would do, they issued a tender for the supply and installation of solar panels for homes located in Darebin. They received 11 submissions. Assessment of the submissions were carried out by independent consultants who work for the Alternative Technology Association (ATA). The ATA selected Energy Matters as the winning tenderer. The Darebin project now has 170 signed up homeowners all of whom live in Darebin.

SCAN, with the agreement of Energy Matters, is making the same “Bulk-Buy Offer” that Darebin negotiated available to any homeowner in the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

2 – SCAN is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from Melbourne homeowners.

By completing the Expressions of Interest (EOI) form you are asking for your roof to be assessed for solar panels. Energy Matters to prepare a quote for you which includes the bulk-buy discount. Your street address enables Energy Matters to look at satellite images of your roof. They will determine how many panels your roof could hold. Are their roof surfaces that face north? Is their shading from trees or nearby buildings? What materials is your roof made of? Is it flat? Energy Matters will contact you and ask about your electricity bill. This information enables Energy Matters to determine the best number of panels for your requirements. The best number of panels will depend on your electricity usage during daylight hours. If your house is empty most days you may not need solar panels at all. If you have young children, and work from home, you may need a larger solar panel system. If you are a retired couple and spend most days at home you might need a larger system. Finally the state of your wiring needs to be inspected. If your switchboard and meter was installed in 1954 it will cost extra to upgrade them.

3 – SCAN’s target is 100 households in Melbourne

Not everyone who lodges an EOI will eventually proceed and install a solar panels. Not every roof is suitable for solar panels. Moreover not everyone’s daytime use of electricity warrants installing solar panels. However if you have a suitable roof, and the are people at home during the daytime, then your savings on electricity could pay for your solar system in as little as 5 years and considerably reduce your quarterly electricity bill.

The SCAN Bulk-Buy has a target of 100 solar systems to be installed on homes in Metropolitan Melbourne by until 31 July 2014. When we reach this target, or the offer closing date, we will determine if it will be extended.

4 – Energy Matters is the company you will ultimately deal with

If you eventually proceed and purchase a system under the bulk-buy you will sign a contract with Energy Matters. SCAN’s role in this project is to promote the Bulk-Buy to homeowners in Melbourne. We are all volunteers and receive no monetary payment or commission. While the City of Port Phillip is helping us promote the offer within Port Phillip they are not a partner and have direct involvement. Also, while the City of Darebin has done all of the assessment and negotiating of the offer they did it for homeowners who live in Darebin. SCAN just copied the outcome Darebin decided to implement. Darebin Council has no involvement in the SCAN project.

5 – All information about the project is on the SCAN.ORG.AU website

SCAN.ORG.AU is being updated daily and will answer most of your questions. If you are uncertain about anything, or simply want to talk to someone about the offer, then email or phone him on 0407 585 808